Zish Alexander (Born. 1989, London) creates conceptual works that deal with relooking at the modern world that we inhabit and inhibit.

Borne from notions of The Individual and The Collective, Alexander’s work references everyday objects that are loaded with ideas icon, Identity, Ritual and Relation. While the absence of formal art training informs his often self-referential approach; where capitalist and commercial tools are appropriated into artistic instruments.

By playfully manipulating simple objects into abstract, concrete and ephemeral sculptures, Alexander subverts their original familiarity and interrogates the status quo, unearthing its innate truths and fallacies, before bringing them to the surface.


Upcoming Exhibitions


Glitches & Defects (Group)
@ Millepiani, Rome
26th July - 5th August

Past Exhibitions


Take back control (Group)
@ the crypt gallery, london


Secret 7" (Group)
@ The Jetty, London